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How does Sendayo work?
Sendayo is a mobile APP platform for disability organisations and individuals seeking to find support. We provide a safe platform where disability support can partner up with Sendayo to provide care to people that have special needs.

When an organisation or individual signs up, they can download the APP available on the apple and google play store and create a profile describing the shift specific information and mandatory requirements.

Once registered, they can request a disability support worker at a click of a button, using the APP. Everything is saved on the system, so they only have to enter all the shift information once and then simply just enter the date, time and tap to publish the shift.

The platform then automatically searches for the best care worker that matches the requested criteria and sends an invitation to accept the shift. Once one of our Sendayo support workers accepts the shift a notification will be sent back as proof of confirmation.

Once the Sendayo support worker comes to the shift location, they can check in using the app. Once the shift is completed, they can check out, eliminating the old time sheet idea and going paperless!

When our care worker leaves the shift, you have the chance to rate the Sendayo support partner’s performance. This gives the peace of mind that the support worker that will be coming on shift will be of great work ethic.

Is Sendayo different to a traditional service provider?
Yes, Sendayo is removing the “middle man” by creating a platform that is at most part automated.

Organisations, person with with needs and families can request a support worker through the APP, eliminating the need to call or email. This in turn, matches the needs of the customer and the specifications of the Sendayo support workers to bring the best in times of need.

Therefore, because of our ability to automate the whole process, the customer is charged less per hour, and in return the Sendayo support workers are given higher hourly rates.

This in turn makes everyone happy, giving the chance to providing more hours of support to people that acquire a disability and also better quality of care.

Does Sendayo screen the people that join the platform?
Yes, everyone who joins Sendayo is screened and checked before approved into the app. In relations to our support workers, our team speaks to two references, interviews the support worker, checks mandatory documents; checks police check, childrens check, first aid certificate, CPR.

What kind of insurance cover does Sendayo provide?
Sendayo provides comprehensive insurance cover to protect all Sendayo users. For all shifts booked and worked through the Sendayo platform, we provide the following insurance:

Public Liability

Professional Indemnity

Work Cover

If someone is unable to use technology themselves, can they still use Sendayo?
Yes, if someone is unable to manage their own Sendayo app, they can nominate someone else to manage the account on their behalf. For example for organisations; the team leader and permanent staff can have access to order a care worker for their house. In regards to if the person with a disability lives with their parents or guardians then the perants or guardians can request a care worker on behalf of the person requiring support. However, the Sendayo user can also call Sendayo to book any type of shift over the phone. We operate 24/7.

Who is the legal employer of Sendayo support workers?
Sendayo is the legal employer of all support workers on our platform. This means we are able to take responsibility for the health and safety of our community, verifying all new workers, providing insurance and payroll services, and setting and maintaining quality and safety assurances.

How do I report an incident?
To report an incident, please contact the team at Sendayo via or call on 03 8564 8436

What information is shared publicly?
No information about our users is shared publicly. Only verified Sendayo users are able to see your shift information details and only those you make a booking with will be able to view your support plan (if applicable).

How much are Sendayo support workers paid?
As our casual employees, all Sendayo workers are paid industry-leading wages. Our standard pay rate follows the SCHADS industry award, includes casual and penalty loading (where appropriate), and increases according to evening, active nights, weekends and on public holiday shift times.

The Sendayo standard pay rate is:

-Base Rate: $30-$35 (not including superannuation)

*Please check our pricing guide here.

The standard cost to people seeking support is $44.72. The difference allows us to run the platform, take care of comprehensive insurance, work cover, payrol, super and tax payments so our users don’t have to. Keeping costs low for the individual while paying workers industry-leading wages is our commitment to building a fair and accessible service.

As a support worker, what should I do if the person I support asks me to work without creating a booking through Sendayo?
You will only be covered by Sendayo comprehensive insurance if a booking is made before the shift commences. If you work without creating a booking first you will be putting your safety at risk. It’s also worth noting that it is a breach of your Sendayo casual employment contract and a breach of the client service agreement to arrange work outside of the Sendayo platform with another Sendayo user. If someone approaches you about taking work offline you should notify Sendayo immediately, either on 03 8564 8436 or via

How much notice do I need to give a support worker before cancelling a shift?
People seeking support should give as much notice as possible to a support worker when cancelling a shift. Where a person seeking support provides notification to a worker of a cancellation less than 12 hours before the start of a shift, the worker is entitled to be paid for at least 3 hours work. If the cancellation occurs less than two hours before the start of the shift, the worker is entitled to be paid the full booking amount.
Sendayo understands that there are unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances that may arise from time to time. We encourage all users to communicate openly with one another about their expectations and to notify Sendayo if they have any questions or concerns.

How do I get paid for the Vehicle Allowance as a support worker?
There is a feature in the app that you can claim your kilometers used to travel using your own vehicle (car), all you have to do after you check in to your shift, is use the “Using your own vehicle to drive” and click on “Start Ride”. This will automatically calculate all the kilometers driven using your own vehicle. You are only entitled to claim kilometers if you use your OWN vehicle. If you use the person seeking support vehicle then the kilometers are not claimable. When you end ride, you can click the button to “Submit for approval”. If approved, the number of kilometres traveled and the total amount of payment will be shown on your pay slip.

As a support worker, how much notice do I need to give a person seeking support before cancelling a shift?
Support workers should give as much notice as possible before cancelling a shift. In circumstances where the support worker gives less than 12 hours notice and the reason is not considered to be reasonable or fair, a person seeking support may notify Sendayo. Support workers who regularly fail to turn up for shifts or who are repeatedly cancelling at short notice will have their registration with Sendayo terminated.

How do I get a Police Criminal Record Check?
To become a Sendayo support worker you will need to get a Police Criminal Record Check. The fastest and easiest way to do this is through an online provider, Cited. You can apply online and receive your check within 24-48 hours. To do this, click here. Within the app you are able to submit all your mandatory documents. Once approved by management you are eligible to attend an interview.

Is the Vehicle Allowance taxed?
Yes, in accordance with the ATO, any Vehicle Allowance paid over the reasonable allowance rate (as prescribed by the ATO) is required to be included within employee’s taxable income. At the end of the financial year, the ATO says that employees who are taxed on vehicle allowances may be entitled to claim a deduction on their tax return for their motor vehicle expenses. (For more information visit or speak to your accountant.)

How is the Vehicle Allowance recorded?
To claim the Vehicle Allowance (kilometers traveled during a shift), support workers must enter the total kilometers traveled during the shift can use the app by using the “Use your own vehicle to drive” feature. Just click “Start Ride” and “End Ride” to capture the kilometers driven using your own vehicle.

Can I claim a Vehicle Allowance if I provided transport support during a shift (travel/kilometre expenses)?
Yes, support workers are entitled to $0.78 per kilometre as outlined by the SCHADS industry award. This allowance can be claimed for every kilometre driven during a shift if the worker uses support workers own vehicle, this may include driving a person seeking support to and from important appointments or accessing community. This does not include travel to and from a shift.