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How does Sendayo work?

Is Sendayo different to a traditional service provider?

What kind of insurance cover does Sendayo provide?

If someone is unable to use technology themselves, can they still use Sendayo?

How do I report an incident?

What information is shared publicly?

How much are Sendayo support workers paid?

As a support worker, what should I do if the person I support asks me to work without creating a booking through Sendayo?

How much notice do I need to give a support worker before cancelling a shift?

As a support worker, how much notice do I need to give a person seeking support before cancelling a shift?

How do I get a Police Criminal Record Check?

Is the Vehicle Allowance taxed?

How is the Vehicle Allowance recorded?

Can I claim a Vehicle Allowance if I provided transport support during a shift (travel/kilometre expenses)?